Undergoing bariatric surgery is a major part of changing your life for the better,but it doesn’t end there. It is just the beginning of a lifestyle change. Dr. Nowzaradan and his staff want to ensure that you continue your process of healthy living. Education on health and diet is essential and Dr. Nowzaradan gives free seminars,this which you can get more information and schedules in the Educational Seminar section.

It’s also proven that going through this journey with people in your similar situation yield much greater results than going about it alone. Being a part of a support group can be very encouraging and motivating and is strongly recommended.

Post-surgery it will be important to chart your success as you exercise and adjust your diet to maintain a healthy life. You will also need to routinely follow up with Dr. Nowzaradan so he can monitor your changes. While surgery will has the fastest and most dramatic changes, you can slip back to your prior condition if nutrition and fitness are not made a high priority. We want you to be a part of a success story that you continue writing well beyond bariatric treatment.