Success Story | Christina

Before: 300 lbs

After: 130 lbs










My name is Christina H. and weight-loss surgery saved my life. I’ve battled with my weight problem my whole life. As early as 12 years old, I remember being on a strict diet and excessively exercising to lose weight. From Junior High through High School my weight would always be on the up and down. I tried so many fad diets, weightloss pills, and extreme exercising to get thin. Some would work for awhile, but then I would gain back the weight plus more weight.

It wasnt until I enter college, that I packed on the “Freshman 15? and then started gaining 10 lbs a year from then on. Finally when I hit 280 lbs, and I was told that I was borderline for diabetes did I decide to make a serious change for my future. I knew it was time to seek medical intervention and decided on the gastric bypass. I had no idea what was to come from the Pre-OP testing which changed my life forever.

After having an EGD done, the doctors discovered that I had a tumor inside my stomach which turned out to be cancerous. I was 30 years old, and felt as though they had just handed me a death sentence. It was very fortunate that I was considering the weightloss surgery and they discovered the cancer in its early stages. I went through a short period of chemo & radiation treatments, and within a few months I was cancer-free. The downside of it was I ended up gaining more weight and finally hit the 300 lbs.

Unfortunately after my stomach cancer, I was not able to get the Gastric Bypass surgery. The doctor and I made the decision that the Realize Band was the best solution for me at that time. I lost a total of 55 lbs within a few short months following my surgery. I was feeling and looking much better but still had more weight to lose. When I started getting sick and having more acid reflux issues, the doctor suggested having the band removed and getting a new procedure called the Gastric Sleeve. The procedure & recovery went smoothly. Since then, I have lost another 75 lbs which brings my total weight loss to 130 lbs.

Although my weightloss journey is much different and a little more complicated than other people’s journey, I would not change a thing. I am very fortunate that the Pre-OP testing discovered my cancer. I was able to overcome it. I’ve had 2 successful weightloss surgeries, and I’ve gotten a chance at a new life. The pros of the surgery definitely surpass the cons by far! I have so much energy, happiness, confidence, and will power to overcome anything in my life now. You have to believe that you have it in you to finally reach your goal. You must remember, the surgery is a tool and its up to you to do the rest. You owe it to yourself!