Success Story | Anita

Before: 562 lbs

After: 262 lbs










Anita Jones

My journey start April 2008 I came to see Dr. Nowzaradan for tumors on my legs. I could not walk and Dr. Nowzaradan saved my life. I was on bed rest for one year, could not go anywhere or do anything. My weight just kept going up and up.

My weight got up to 562 lbs and I have now lost 300 lbs. I was afraid to take the chance. I am so happy I choose to have the surgery and that I seen Dr. Nowzaradan on TLC. I knew God lead me to him, I had to trust this was what was meant for me and I had to trust Dr. Nowzaradan. It was the best decision I ever made, Dr. Nowzaradan saved my life.

I have a life now, I care about my looks. In my old pictures I look sad and tired now I am happy and living for life. I feel young this is the same me with a different attitude. I have started to live; I get attention from people that I never did before. Dr. Nowzaradan and this surgery has been a blessing. It is great not to have my outside judge any more, I am no longer in a wheel chair, I am no longer invisible, I feel BEAUTIFUL.

I was active; I did not sit around and eat all the time, but I want to give up, I wanted to die however Dr. Nowzaradan and this surgery saved me and gave me the life I knew I always wanted, that I was meant to have. It is my time! Life is short live now or you’re not going to live at all.