Life change happens everyday

Feeling like you are trapped in your own and the many negative feelings that accompany  it can be quite overwhelming. Have no fear there is hope! Dr. Nowzaradan and his caring staff have helped thousands of people like you to regain control of the things in life they have lost. These are the stories of individuals who decided to take control of their lives and came to Dr. Now for help. Read their personal journeys and see how they achieved their weight-loss victory! Be inspired by their success and happiness now that they have overcome obesity and developed healthy life styles. Hopefully by reading their stories you will be inspired and encouraged to take control over your life too!

Here are some real life success stories. Click on their names for more pictures and details of their weight-loss journey. They have done what they once thought impossible, and so can you.

Melissa Morris (Gastric Bypass)

Melissa lost 484 lbs

Tom Arnold (Gastric Bypass)

Tom lost 318 lbs

Henry (Gastric Bypass)

Henry lost 415 lbs

Ashley (Gastric Bypass)

Ashley lost 362 lbs

Christina (Gastric Sleeve)

Christina lost 170 lbs

Anita (Roux-en Y Bypass)

Anita lost 300 lbs

Alberto (Gastric Bypass)

Alberto lost 358 lbs

Rebecca (Gastric Sleeve)

Rebecca lost 100 lbs

V. Galvan (Gastric Bypass)

V. Galvan lost 140 lbs

Shelly (Gastric Bypass)

Shelly lost 177 lbs

Marvin (Gastric Bypass)

Marvin lost 205 lbs

Demetria (Gastric Bypass)

Demetria before and after

Carmen (Gastric Bypass)

Carmen lost 135 lbs