Appealing Your Insurance

Initial Claim Denial
If your approval for weight loss surgery is denied, do not give up hope. It is not uncommon for approval to be declined initially. Weight loss surgery can be very expensive for insurance companies, and, while it has long been argued that the cost isles to them than in the long run – by treating chronic or debilitating weight-related illness over time – the fiscal policy of an insurance company may sway their decisions toward denial.

Being denied can be very discouraging to an applicant. Many people place their hopes of finding a solution to their long-standing battle with weight in the form of surgery. Many people see surgery, after many failed attempts at diets and exercise plans, as being their most valuable tool in acquiring and maintaining optimum health and a higher quality of life. When we are denied, it can be devastating.

Sadly, winning approval, even if an insured should be clearly approved by their insurer, can be one of the hardest battles you seek when exploring obesity surgery. Once again, the expertise of our staff, and our years of experience negotiating the managed care landscape provide you with additional hope and resources for accomplishing your goal.

Utilize Our Resources
Once you have entered our system, and once we have assembled all of your medical information, past and present, we are unparalleled record keepers. If there is additional information required by your insurer, or if there is a discrepancy between the terms of your denial and your policy, we have the tools, wherewithal and the teeth to make certain, as long as you qualify, that you will gain approval.