Houston Obesity Surgery
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Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, M.D., F.A.C.S, his surgical teams, and his staff at Houston Obesity Surgery are dedicated to compassionately working with individuals who are obese, morbidly obese and often super-obese in order to help them enjoy a greater quality of life, dignity and health. Dr. Nowzaradan has been serving patients with compassionate care for over 30 years as a general and vascular surgeon, and he has been focused on the obese community for over 20 years. His genuine empathy and concern for those suffering from obesity is represented not only in his personal dedication, but also in his pioneering expertise within the field of bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

Doctor Nowzaradan is a General Surgeon in the truest sense of the term. His years of experience have seen him successfully spearhead surgical techniques that were once considered impossible, including many applications for laparoscopy, a surgical technique now predominantly used in bariatric surgery. His extensive experience, driven by a true passion for and commitment to medicine have lead to an extensive knowledge and intimacy with the inner workings of the human body and an ability to think and act creatively in order to achieve surgical goals that other medical professionals may consider beyond hope.

  Dr. Nowzaradan and several of his patients have been the subject of numerous documentaries exclusively because of the uniqueness of the cases, ability of Dr. Nowzaradan to compassionately acknowledge these patients and his willingness to help them confront their conditions and attend to their medical needs.

Currently specializing in surgery for the morbidly obese, he is renowned for his compassion and concern for those patients whose weight may exceed 600 pounds and who are often patients dismissed by other bariatric surgeons. Dr. Nowzaradan accepts referrals on the most challenging weight reduction surgical candidates who have been previously denied by other surgical professionals, most notably the super-obese (Body Mass Index in excess of 50). In addition, Dr. Nowzaradan frequently performs redo or revision surgeries on patients whose previous bariatric surgeries have proven inadequate or unsuccessful; a surgical task often passed over by others due to the uniqueness, relative complexity and atypical nature of each individual case.

Dr. Nowzaradan practices at, First Street Hospital (Bellaire, Texas), Doctors Hospital at Tidwell, Renaissance Hospital, Surgery Specialty Hospital (formerly Vista Medical Center0 and University General Hospital. He currently is the Medical Director of the Best Care Clinic. He welcomes your inquiries.

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